10 SEO Tools Every Marketer Should Use

10 SEO Tools Every Marketer Should Use

November 6, 2017

SEO, the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, is a powerful marketing technique which is applied to improve one’s website visibility in a web search engine.

The main task of this technique is to improve the rank of the particular website for a certain search query – the results of which can be natural, organic or earned.

When your website ranks higher in the search engine then you are definitely going to have large number of traffic on your website. When website traffic increases you get a larger number of clicks and hence you have more chances of converting those click into a sale which will in return lead to a better Return On Investment.

It is very cost effective. Once you rank highly then you don’t need to pay-per-click. Due to organic listings, it’s absolutely free.

Finding a website at the top of the google list tends to assume that it is the most reputable brand or website.  And this is because of Domain Authority which means it refines your brand credibility.

It is an opportunity to get ahead of your competitors in a strategic way. In this article, we will take a look at which SEO tools you should use to optimize the speed, performance and results of your website. There are some paid as well as unpaid SEO tools mentioned below.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics tool is absolutely free and is considered at the top of the priority list for SEO and is every marketer’s favourite platform. It’s no surprise, as Google Analytics delivers you data the way no other unpaid tools could provide you.

It helps you better understand your visitors and how they interact with your site. It lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Search Console

If you want to visualize how your site appears within the various search terms and keywords then you must use the Google Search Console. And yes again, this tool is absolutely free to use.

It helps you monitor and maintain your site’s presence in Google Search results. It submits new content for crawling and removing content you don’t want to be shown in search results and maintain your site with minimal disruption to search performance.

Not only this but it also monitors and resolves malware or spam issues so your site stays clean. Along with this, it also provides you with the crawling errors, html improvement suggestions, and overall analysis.

Google Search Console



One of the most respected tools in the world of SEO, providing 30 days free trial and then paid plans from $99 per month to $599 per month.

It’s a great tool to use if you want to increase your business’ search ranking. It allows you to track rankings, analyze your social media followers, build reports, provides you with the resources you need to identify SEO opportunities, check and compare backlinks across multiple URLS, test a website for crawl errors, perform keyword analysis, and optimize overall efforts.


Raven Tools

Raven Tools allows you to quickly find and fix technical SEO problems for your sites. The tool gives you ranking data and reports directly from Google Search Console Track and reports on impressions, CTRs and much more. It notifies you about the link change and takes screenshots of active links. It also tells you about your competitor’s insights and intelligence.

You can start with free trials to paid plans from $99 per month to $249 per month.

Raven Tools


The tool is used for keyword and competitive intelligence. It covers all aspects of search engine marketing, including SEO and paid search advertising. It’s great for pay-per-click, social media and video advertising research.

It’s a complete workflow for any SEO professional. It can be used for various purposes like-technical SEO audit, backlinks audit and analytics, position tracking, semantic core collection, ideas for gaining more traffic, etc. You can check its paid plan here.




One of the greatest suit for research and analysis. It’s a tool for SEO and market running on big data. Ahrefs cover backlink checking, competitor analysis, keyword research. It uses its own index of live links to provide valuable SEO data.

The suite includes a Site Explorer, SEO Report, Domain Comparison, and Batch Analysis. It is basically known for Site explorer. It gives an in-depth look at the organic search traffic and backlink profile of any website or URL.

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer combines three powerful SEO tools in one interface-Organic traffic research, Backlink checker and paid traffic research. You can take free trials and then can move to paid plans ranging from $99/ month to $999/ month.



It’s a free online review and SEO audit tool. Advantages this SEO audit tool provides you are-improves on page SEO, tests any subpage, provides SEO tips for your website, provides free PDF report. SEOptimer provides an easy to follow report of your website in seconds calling out what’s good and bad.

It provides a clear, step by step list of instructions for how to improve your website, together with more educational material.


HubSpot’s Website Grader

A free online tool that grades your site against key metrics like performance, mobile readiness, SEO, and security. It’s a tool that is designed to give companies a comprehensive overview of their inbound marketing strategy.

Hubspot takes a look into your site’s page size, requests, speed, and then some. SEO determines if your website is easy to find which will take factors like page titles and meta descriptions into consideration.

Next key metric security serves as a way to prove to visitors that your site is both authentic and safe for contact information submissions. Beside this, HubSpot also provides paid SEO tools to help you better direct your efforts. HubSpot's


Seomator is a tool that crawls your website and provides you with a full and comprehensive report based on your website’s SEO, internal links, HTML tags, backlinks, page speed, mobile usability, text statistics, social media, organic presence and content quality.
If you want to constantly be aware of what is going on with your website than you would like SEO Monitoring Alerts. Seomator performs auto-schedule crawling tasks and let you know right away if something is wrong.
Furthermore, Seomator can compare two websites as fast as 10 minutes which is very useful when you try to find a quick decision about SEO improvement.
Reports also come with a “How-to-Fix” section that tells you where there are errors and tips that will help you to improve your website.



Domain Authority Checker

A tool which can help link-building and guest posting strategy in an instant moment.

Simply enter the domain you are considering reaching out towards or preparing a guest post to, and visualise the authority of their domain, and therefore the potential for value added with the quality of the link which will boost your own site.

It is easy to use and fast to process for a very convenient tool which can be used as many times as you wish, daily, for free!

Domain Authority Checker

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