An Introduction to B2B Business Data - An Introduction to B2B Business Data

An Introduction to B2B Business Data

March 14, 2017
Emma Johnson

When you’re planning out a new marketing campaign for your business you’ll need many things in place before you can go ahead with it.

From a full strategy to B2B (Business to Business) data, there’s many steps to get through. But if you’re not a big company that already has a big B2B data list then it can be quite difficult to invest the money and the time.

This is where companies like MIB Business Data come into play, offering you extensive data lists that are well maintained for you to instantly start contacting for your campaign.

Marketing Campaigns

For any growing business, marketing campaigns are an excellent way to reach out to potential customers for your product or service. But before you go ahead with it, you’ll need an extensive and thorough B2B list to go off of.

Using lists for Email Marketing or targeted marketing towards your specific trade, such as car and van buyers, lets you get reliable contact details and increases sales efficiency ten fold.

Without these pre-made lists, then you’d have to assign a few employees the task of drafting a marketing list themselves which would take weeks or months. Time that could be better served growing the business rather than slowing it down

Marketing Campaigns - An Introduction to B2B Business Data

Up to Date

A large problem some businesses encounter when growing and maintaining their own B2B Business list is that a portion of the lists decay over time. Naturally some business go out of business or change address and contact details.

A huge problem for small businesses, as this requires more time invested to search for a replacement. At a decay rate at over 30% a year it’s vital you stay on top to ensure your data is onpoint.

This is very important when it come to key decision makers within potential customers businesses. Getting into contact with them, is the aim of these data lists and when key decision maker roles are changed every year it gets increasingly difficult to stay in contact. Keeping the list up to date every half a year or so doesn’t protect it from this, it’s simply something you have to adapt to.

Never Buy Too Much

When looking at purchasing B2B Business Data you’d think that more is always better, but that’s not always the case.

Sometimes you need to look at your specific situation first and then adapt, buying a huge amount of business data lists outright at the beginning of your company isn’t a great idea. Without the resources to act upon the contacts found within, its purely data being wasted.

Always evaluate what will make your company grow first and then after this growth you can always expand into other areas and acquire more data lists, fueling growth exponentially.

Never Buy Too Much - An Introduction to B2B Business Data

Avoid Bad Data

Keeping an eye out for bad business data is vital to ensure you don’t fall into a trap of poorly sourced and outdated data.

Buying lists from poor suppliers who don’t verify their data can have negative effects on you and your business. From ruining your reputation, decreasing response rates or more seriously, breaking the law. Finding a trusted and respected B2B Business Data provider should be your top priority.

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