Factors that can take UK Outbound Telemarketing Campaign towards Failure

July 11, 2018

Nowadays, companies of all sizes want to lay their hands on the better sales results for the sake of high-profit levels. Well, some business owners opt for BPO firm’s telemarketing services in UK for high productivity whereas others try to get the desired results by hiring a team of in-house telemarketers.

But sometimes owners of in-house outbound call centres don’t understand why their most of the marketing campaigns get failed after putting so much effort. Usually, there are some minor aspects that always make the marketing campaign unsuccessful.

Do you want to know the factors that usually take in-house UK outbound call centre’s marketing campaign towards the failure?

Take a look at the following pointers that will definitely help you regarding the same:     

Not collecting valuable data 

Usually, in-house outbound call centres in UK fail to produce effective sales results because they put full focus on making a maximum number of calls. This aspect never helps in boosting the profit levels because every outbound call cannot bring the desired results.

However, every outbound call brings a golden opportunity to collect valuable data that can be used to understand the market in a much better way, improve the marketing tactics, and exterminate the hidden issues that have been preventing the better results.

On the other hand, BPO firms never miss any opportunity to collect valuable data and that’s why they always achieve the desired goals.

So, if you want to make your in-house marketing campaign successful, start collecting data after every call. You can even cut all the hassle by simply availing BPO firm’s outbound telemarketing services.

Overlooking TCPA policies

Do you know why in-house outbound call centres UK fail to increase the sales graph? ‘Overlooking the TCPA policies.’ This aspect not only takes the marketing campaign towards the failure but also invites legal issues that can cost an arm and a leg.

As per the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), companies cannot make marketing or advertising calls to those customers that have availed DNC (Do Not Call) service. So, there is no point in contacting those people who don’t want to know about the new products or services.

To make telemarketing campaign successful, it is imperative to use automatic dialler system as it can help in contacting those potential customers who are yet to register for the DNC (Do Not Call) facility. If you want to keep all the issues at bay, you can also go for BPO firm’s telemarketing services.

Improper research

Usually, those companies bite the dust that hire a team of in-house telemarketers to make marketing campaign successful. This is so because in-house telesales agents usually don’t put much effort while doing research. This aspect always directs the marketing campaign towards the failure.

On the contrary, multinationals always enjoy high-profit levels after availing UK telemarketing services from the BPO firms.

To prevent the wastage of time and poor results, it is imperative to put more efforts into researching as this is the best way to know about those aspects that oftentimes grab the potential customer’s attention.



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