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Evolution and Types of High-Quality Noodle Packaging Material

November 6, 2019

Noodles are considered the most frequently eaten dish all over the world, due to the convenience and ease of cooking. The history of noodles can be traced back to China, about 4000 years ago when these were referred as cakes in the soup. In the Han dynasty, it was a very popular dish and there were many varieties in the dish. While instant noodles is a product of Japan when they were first manufactured by Momofuku Ando in 1958. This type of noodles is most popular worldwide as they are pre-cooked and are packaged with seasoning oil and flavor powder. Instant noodles are like signature food for students worldwide now as they are too easy to cook due to their unique pre-cooked nature, these noodle cakes are first boiled and then fried for vaporizing all the water which preserves them from mold or damage due to wet nature and moisture in them. Then these noodles are packaged with seasoning and oils which help them to easily cook by only using boiled water. The Noodle Packaging solutions for these type of pre-cooked food is essential for protecting it from any sort of damage by atmosphere, mold, and on the top, keeping them fresh. These packets work as an oxygen barrier and help the product to remain fresh by keeping oxygen and pollutants out from the packaging, these pollutants can damage the product in many ways as they can result mold in them as there is some moisture in it, ultimately making it inedible. Moreover, the overall construction of noodle cake is fragile in nature and it can easily crack while being stored or transported. There is always a constant need for improving the packaging design for them as the consumer demand is always rising.

Noodle box packaging

Bag packed

The first style of packaging for these noodles was simple bags like packaging made up of plastic polymer which used to cover the noodles cake with external packaging for flavour and seasoning. This style was effective in making the whole package airtight and leak proof. The plastic can be highly printed according to branding needs with creative visuals but this packaging solution was not enough to safeguard the cake of noodles as it resulted in them to break while stacking and storing. Moreover, the printing ink used in poly plastics made the acid levels in the product to rise, resulting in increasing pungent odours from the main product.

noodle boxes Multipurpose package

Bowl packed

The first generation of bowl packaging for noodles was made in 1971 by Momofuku to inspire the American audience with it as they used to eat everything in a plate and Momofuku tried to make the bowl a unique selling proportion for American audience to increase the sales of noodles there. The bowls were made up of Polystyrene which made the manufacturing cost rise at that time. The usual cost of noodles in a bowl was 3 times higher than the regular plastic packaged bags at that time and no one willed to invest higher prices only for a disposable bowl which made this strategy to be ineffective.

Recycled paper and PE film

The advancement in technology has enabled us to do more out of the discarded product. Paper bowls with PE film lined inside are one of the best examples for this as it used recycled paper and utilizes them with the efficiency of about 60 to 70%. This construction is durable and can save noodles from any sort of damage. The utilization of recycled materials means that we can now manufacture better quality of packaging for noodles at low rates along with safeguarding our nature and ecosystem by making sustainable packaging. These bowls can be used for a long period of time due to PE lining inside which makes them resistance to liquid and can only be discarded when they are unable to use.

Folding structure

The folding structure is one of the most unique and newest one this packaging market for noodles. This construction is manufactured with the use of paper or any desired material which is flexible in nature and can be folded to some extent. This type of packaging is considered as third generation of noodle bowls and the uniqueness of option to extend the size is its unique selling proportion. This option helps in making noodle recipes which include addition of vegetables and other ingredients for making noodles healthy. This packaging style can be widely customized according to branding as they are made up of paper which can be highly customized. This Custom Noodle Packaging is trending due to its cost-effective nature and the sustainable nature which can also help in saving our planet. Moreover, as this packaging style is foldable in nature hence it consumes less space and can be easily carried, this helps in long term use of the paper bowl which means less waste.

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