7 Proven Strategies to Increase Sales of Your Product

September 13, 2018

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It is an important part of any sale process to look for and find new people so that they can buy your product. During this phase, we make many mistakes and fail to reach to our sales target. Here you can check out these 7 proven and tested strategies to increase sales of your products dramatically.

If your product is right then it should grab the right amount of customers as well as their attention. If you are not sure that which approach can be opted to increase your product sales then follow these tested strategies.

  1. Defining Your Target Customer Market

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You have to clearly define your target customer type. You have to create and come up with an avatar of your target customer. Decide that who will be your customer type, who is that person who will most likely be purchasing your product and who will buy your product on an immediate basis! Specific questions like how old is your target market, is your target market male or female, do they have money, are they educated- these are important questions which will define your target market.

Understand that people do not buy products, they actually buy benefits. As long as your product is beneficial for them. they will keep on buying it.

  1. Developing Competitive Advantage

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You should develop a competitive advantage in order to boost your product sales. Defining the scale of your competitive advantage will clearly give you the reason that why customers should buy your product.

Focus on the list of benefits which your product or service can deliver to your target market.

You have to identify this problem clearly that why product is having low sales! Look for the issue that what problems your customers are facing while using your product and then solve those issues immediately. Identify your customer problems correctly and redesign your product accordingly. Here you can check 85-inch TVs reviews as well from this source.

  1. Using Social Media Marketing tactic

To have an instant boost in your product sale section, you have to take advantage of social media marketing part. Your product can be easily reached to your customers through this medium.

The best part of this medium is that it is completely free.

You can use Twitter and Facebook, blogs and your official websites to market your product on a heavy note.

These social media channels will create a strong relationship between your product and customers.

Cold calling is another method! You can cold call your potential prospects, though it is one of the hard and frustrating tasks but you need to do it to amplify your product sales. Warm up your potential customer by meeting him in person or you can give him a call. If he is a new customer then try your best to generate 100% interest in him and convince him to buy your product.

  1. Picking Up The Right Price For Your Product

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You have to pick the correct price for your product. First do the market research that what price does your competitors are offering of the same category product. Determination of the right price is important if you are selling any product for the first time.

If your product falls in the high-priced category section then your product quality has to be exceptional.

You can determine the price of any product depending on the perceived value of your service or product.

If you think that your product is superior as compared to your competitors then you can charge a heavy price too.

For the beginners, you need to try this 100 calls method. If it is your first selling experience then avoid getting scared about the rejection and reach to out to almost hundred customers in as much fast way as you can through calling. This 100 calls method will make you a fearless sales person and you will no longer be bothered about the rejection part.

  1. Opting Win-Win Situation- Understand the Psychology of Persuasion

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Many companies fail to understand the meaning of negotiation techniques and psychology of persuasion.

If your negotiation power is strong then your product sales part can reach to the seven cloud. You have to learn regarding these negotiation and persuasion techniques in a proper form. It is true that professional and skilled negotiators, they look for the ways which satisfies both of the parties.

Skilled negotiators always grab the win-win situation and both the parties, that is seller and purchaser gets satisfied.

The best and professional negotiators remain patient and well-prepared all the time and this is what beginner sales persons should incorporate these traits in their personalities.

  1. Keeping and Retaining Your Customers

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Remember that once a customer is always a customer! Learn the tactic of retaining your customers and never lose them. Never end or lose your relationship with your customers.

If number of your customers are going down, it means position and demand of your product is going down, Add more trust as well as value to your products so that bond with your customers can be retained.

To your potential and old customers, you need to give something to them free, surprise them with anything! Give them any of your product free and make them feel great.

  1. Define Clearly Your Sales Message

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Lastly, your sales message have to be clear, highlight the benefits of your product and convey them on the clear terms to your customers.

Your sales headlines have to be precise and informative. Tell your customers exactly that what this product will offer to them!

Try to keep on giving some inside scoop of your product to your customers before it gets officially launched.

Inform your customers about your upcoming and soon to be arrived products and record their excited messages.


This is how any product can see epic and record number of sales after its launching. Follow and implement these proven strategies and give your feedback.




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