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6 Fantastic Custom Made Cardboard Lunch Boxes

October 10, 2019

Check out this guide to custom lunch boxes and other custom boxes, including details on Hamburger Container and Take away lunch boxes

Americans started to use lunch boxes when they have to work in industries that were far from their homes. They were facing a problem to go for lunch daily. They needed something in which they can put their eating items. Since 19th-century different things were used to carry lunch. Sometimes woven baskets were in used as a lunch box. Similarly, fancy wooden boxes, tinplate boxes, fitted metal pails, and boxes and vacuum flasks were used as the lunch boxes.


Custom boxes by Wecustomboxes are manufactured by different materials such as plastic, vinyl, tin or aluminum. As the usage of cardboard boxes has increased lunch boxes are also manufactured with cardboard. Cardboard comes in ease in our life. As the lunch boxes are made up of cardboard, so they are the least expensive and did not cost extra. These boxes are easy to carry because they are light in weight and handle for carrying it easily.


6 Fantastic Customs Made Cardboard Lunch Boxes below here:

As the lunch boxes are made up of cardboard and we can shape them in different methods. That’s why there are different types of lunch cardboard lunch boxes are available in the market. Or you can design your own custom boxes for putting your lunch items in them. Some of the boxes that are available in the market are given below 


Take away lunch boxes

This type of box is ideal for breakfast and snacks. It has multiple distributions of the compartment for different items such as drinks and pastries. It comes in two different sizes also you can customize the size of the box according to your own requirements. It has a handle so that you can carry it easily wherever you want. As it is made up of cardboard which is a sturdy material, so you don’t have to worry about the protection of the meal. Or you can customize the design and pattern according to your own requirements.  


Boxes for breakfast 

These boxes are another best box for breakfast or breakfast snacks. The compartments of the containers allow you to put multiple different items in them. You can choose the size and design of the box according to your own requirements. You can choose this box to gift someone on any special occasion. You can customize this box according to the requirement of the occasion. As the Custom boxes are made up of cardboard, you can customize your box according to your requirements.


Meal box

This box is specially designed for hot food. You can also put multiple other items such as drinks and other eatables in it. It has multiple compartments for putting items in the box. These boxes are mostly used in restaurants because you can put the complete menu in it. These boxes made up of sturdy material, so these boxes are durable and can be used for the long term. You can customize the box by making designs and styles on it.


Picnic Box

These boxes are used for transporting meals. As these boxes are best for transporting meals from one place to another, that’s why these boxes are used for picnic purposes. And the material used in the development of these boxes is the cardboard. The cardboard itself is a sturdy material that’s why the product is a strong box. These boxes can bear pressure or shocks that might be faced in transportation. You can design a custom box for you for picnic purposes. Whenever you have to go to the picnic either you have to go with your family or with your friends, it will be helpful for you. You can print multiple patterns on the box according to your own requirements.


Cardboard Box

These boxes are also suitable for breakfasts and meal deals. It does not have multiple compartments so that it can carry bigger material in it. Such that you can put water bottles in them. As the material is sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about the damage the box. The box is available in two different sizes. One is small, and the other is medium. Or you can design your own custom size according to your own requirements. You can print multiple designs on your custom boxes so that it can look different and the customer attracts towards these boxes.

pueARKX - 6 Fantastic Custom Made Cardboard Lunch Boxes

Hamburger Container

These boxes are inspired by the look of the hamburger box. It is used to carry burgers like eatables. It is made up of cardboard so that you don’t have to worry about the durability of the product. No glue is required to pack the box. It is available in different sizes and colors, but you can choose the design and color according to your own requirements because of the customizing property. You can also print multiple designs on it to make it attractive to the customers.

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