5 Reasons Why Your Dental Business Should be Utilizing Facebook Ads

May 23, 2018

With the whole social media algorithm going on – it’s not uncommon for your posts to go unseen. Today we are sharing with you on why YOUR business should be taking advantage of Facebook Ads and why it is essential.

With billions of Facebook users, there is no doubt you will reach new patients with the use of Facebook advertisements – not something you want to miss out on.

Here are 5 ways Facebook advertising can really help boost your dental practice:

  1. You Can Reach a Targeted Audience Based on Your Dental Services

When you use social media for your business you don’t just want millions of random fans following your page; why? Well first off, you might have a good following, but with zero to no return on investment because these millions of followers might not be as interested in your business or live in the same area.

Instead, as a business, you want to target your most relevant niche – so it can mean location, or a specific age group and a group of consumers with similar personal interests, and much more.

With the help of Facebook advertising, you can change the settings to your specific niche when promoting your dental practice. When you do this, this will be promoted towards new clients that could potentially be interested in your business.

  1. Stay in Touch with Patients

It’s essential to connect and stay in touch with your current patients as we know. With the use of Facebook Ads, your dental office can offer various kinds of special promotions via your fan page. Or you can inform your patients of any new dental service or technology you want to introduce – the options are endless.

  1. Facebook Ads Help to Increase Customer Engagement

It’s extremely essential to have your patients engaged – you don’t want to just be posting with anybody looking at your content or keeping silent. A more engaged page allows outside patients know that your practice is active in the social media environment – allowing others to feel comfortable asking questions and making appointments.

  1. Helps to Establish Trust

It is not common people are afraid and dread the dentist. So when they are looking for a dental practice, trust is a big thing. Facebook allows dentists the capability to provide advice, be social, promote offers to new patients, and gain trust.

By promoting free content and advice to new and larger audiences, dentists can leverage Facebook as a tool to forge a bond and solidify new relationships with people searching for a new dental provider.

  1. Facebook Ads is an Inexpensive Marketing Tool

Compared to most advertising tools out there, Facebook Ads are pretty affordable. When you create an ad you have the ability to customize the campaign and can choose accordingly to your budget.

Are you convinced yet? Facebook Advertising is a great way to boost and give more exposure to your dental practice – it’s an affordable and easy marketing tool that you should be totally using.

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