How to Start up a House Painting Business

How to Start up a House Painting Business

September 15, 2017

If you’re looking for ideas to start up your own business and you like painting but you’re not put off by all the hassle it involves – spreading drop cloths all around, putting the scaffolding up and down, climbing ladders, getting dirty – then house painting is the business for you. It’s easy and cheap to start up, you can run it from your home.

Before you start painting for real, you need to ensure the following: a good business plan, a choice of specialization, a great image that will stand out from the rest and ways of attracting target clients.

Make a good business plan

The key to success of any business is having a good business plan. This document must clearly state the focus and nature of your business, your specialty and the services you offer – decide whether you want to do interior or exterior painting, specialise in painting historic homes, feature walls and murals or in colour consulting.

The next important step is to determine your target market – you can choose homeowners in middle-class or upper-class neighbourhoods, historic homeowners or corporate offices and public buildings. Research the existing market and find out what other similar businesses have to offer in terms of services, prices and designs, so you could improve yourself and offer more and better.

Form a strong brand identity

Start with establishing your core values, standards and principles and make sure you stand by them. Choose an original and unique name that somehow incorporates your ideals and values and create a simple and recognisable logo that will be printed on your promotional material, painting uniforms, your vehicle and business cards.

Get equipment and supplies

You need a lot of equipment in painting so first, buy a vehicle large enough to carry it all – a van or a pickup. Gather brushes and rollers, ladders, drop cloths, trays, sprayers and protective masks. It’s a good idea to buy it all in bulk at the wholesaler’s as it will cost less. As your business grows, quality movable scaffold units will be an essential part of your equipment – they will enable easy access to high spots.

Advertise your business

An integral part of planning your business is marketing. You need to make yourself known in order to get hired. Design different kinds of marketing materials that represent your image and focus on your unique features. Use various marketing strategies, both offline and online – hand out flyers, place ads in local papers, be a guest on local radio shows, distribute door hangers, make connections with interior designers and real estate agents, ask satisfied clients to put up your stickers “Painted by…” after a job well done.

Create a brochure or a portfolio with all your previous work in pictures and details of special services you offer. Have this with you at all times as it comes in handy when you present yourself to new clients or contractors.

Don’t forget to go online – create a website of your business that represents the unique side of your skills. Put up pictures that showcase your expertise and specialty. To reach a wider audience, open accounts on social media such as Facebook and Instagram and have your friends share and like your pictures and posts.

House painting business is cheap and easy to start up, but don’t expect an overnight success. It takes time to begin but it also takes just one good assignment to get you going. Strive for quality and consistency and let your work speak for itself. Rewards will come in many forms – there’s a sense of accomplishment at immediate results and surely, every day will bring something new – as you perfect your painting skills, you will also improve your communication skills as well, dealing with a lot of different customers and personalities.

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