How to find business ideas

How to Find Business Ideas

February 12, 2018

When a person decides to try working on their own, one of the first difficulties they usually face is what to do, what business to undertake, in other words: how to find a business idea.

But believe me there are many ideas, but the first thing that an entrepreneur should know is that only by consulting a list of ideas will they not find the answer to their concern. For those people who feel very lost the lists can be useful acting as a trigger.

But finding an idea to develop a business requires a lot of thought effort. Finding good business ideas is a matter of attitude. Develop curiosity, have a pro-active attitude, be a good observer, look for new ways of doing things, take controlled risks; versus waiting for someone to bring you a good business idea so that you benefit.

It is true that without an idea there is no company , but the idea is only the beginning of the creative process that, planning through, will culminate (or not) with the creation of the company. Some ideas are simply fascinating , so much so that sometimes we fall in love with them and embark on something that, incredible as it may seem, is not a business opportunity .

Think about what you are passionate about, what you like to do, what you would do if you had all the money in the world and you would no longer need to work, what you would still do without anyone paying for it. And then think of a business where you do exactly that or that is related to it. For example, if you are passionate about pets, your business idea could be a pet spa, a pet daycare, or a pet accessories store.

If you are passionate about cars, it could be a mechanics shop, a car parts store, or a business dedicated to buying and selling cars. If your passion is fashion and good dress, it could be a clothing store, a clothing workshop, or a fashion design academy. For having a good business idea regarding to any field first of all look what is market all about?



The market is always a source of ideas for those people who know how to observe what is happening, detect unmet demands (which is not easy because many times people do not ask for something concrete but they know how to recognise it when it is offered) and imagine how it can be done. Improve what there is. A point to keep in mind is that many of the best business ideas are not completely original but are based on the combination of different products and / or existing markets. For example, if you try to develop an existing product in an existing market, you run the risk of having a lot of competition.

If you go to the other extreme of trying a new product in a new market, you risk going ahead a lot and not having sales. But you can try a combination of products / markets. There are many business opportunities when we look for new uses to existing products.

For example, in the food industry, many products have been relaunched taking into account other needs of the public such as yogurts that have undergone transformation from food to beauty and health products (Essensis and Danacol).

Find the different practical applications that your training has within the possible work opportunities. Find a way to differentiate yourself from most professionals in your sector by orienting your steps towards a different area.

You may have to do some complementary course for it. To take new business ideas, be observant, go to stores and take a look at the products, the presentation of them and the business in general.

When the mind is focused on a goal, it extracts information even while it sleeps as a result of the effect that lateral thinking produces.

To innovate in your business you can also find a way to offer a demanded product at a cheaper price. To find business ideas you have to analyze your skills and talents on the one hand and the needs of the market on the other.


In end, look for good business ideas that others have already had or developed, and then take them as a reference or inspiration to develop your own ideas. Or, if possible, propose an association to the people who own those ideas for their joint development.

To find these ideas survey Vtacpayroll web pages which will dedicate an entrepreneur. Moreover, review company directories, acquire magazines or specialized publications in business creation, participate in business incubators, attend and join associations, communities or clubs.

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