How to design a productive work environment

How to design a productive work environment

December 21, 2017

Productivity is the key element that every company works towards, yet major companies such as Google and Red Bull have offices that mimic playgrounds.

As these companies are amidst some of the most successful companies in the world it’s quite clear that there is a definite method to the madness. This article aims to explore the theories that surround the modern office environment and whether or not these adventurous designs can actually improve productivity within the work place.

When creating these office spaces in the modern work place, you don’t have to be as indulgent as these multi-million pound companies to design something innovative and successful. There are many key elements that companies will work towards when it comes to work place design such as; sustainability, productivity improvement, and employee satisfaction. These elements don’t always require something high tech or unconventional to achieve or improve them. If you’re looking for some product inspiration for your office you can also read this TeacherBoards Community article for Amazing Office Space Design.

What to think about:

Colour Schemes

There are many arguments to suggest that certain colour schemes can positively affect mood and efficiency in the workplace. Colours such as blue and green are frequently found in an office environment as they are meant to symbolise calm, confidence and growth. However, more people are using bold pops of colour to express energetic characteristics to help make their employees feel positive and on the ball. Colour psychology does have an impact on an office environment but isn’t significant enough to be the defining factor of a workplace redesign as a means of improving efficiency. Alternatively, you could boost your brand identity by decorating your office with your logo or companies colour scheme. This sense of pride will help employees become more passionate about their work commitments and could also increase productivity.

Home Comforts

You can spend hours upon hours a day stuck behind your desk so it’s always a positive idea to have something around you to help boost your mood. As previously mentioned, bright pops of colour can help increase enthusiasm, you can incorporate bright colours with products such as colourful notice boards, coloured whiteboards and Glassboards and even smaller additions such as annual calendars, posters and desk accessories. Another aspect to consider when it comes to redesigning an office space is comfort. Modern art has filtered into the furniture industry, meaning there are many a chair that looks abstract and beautiful but doesn’t actually offer any back support or comfort when it comes to sitting on it for 8 hours a day. With this in mind, it would be better to find a natural medium that would be comfortable yet visually stunning.

Open spaces and Flexibility

It may seem like the easy route to stack a few desks into a room and name it an office but the layout of your space can be equally as important as any other aspect of your redesign. Plan an office layout that’s open, closed spaces will make you feel restless and irritable which will consequently lower the quality of your work. It can also make the temptation to procrastinate a lot stronger; more trips to the bathroom, conversations at the water fountain and countless journeys to make a cup of coffee will increase as you’re looking to shake that feeling of being caged in.

Innovative Work Space Design

All these factors can contribute to a flexible work space that can help improve and drive creativity. Flexibility can also develop a stronger sense of communication that can advantage employees work wise and socially. Implementing these beneficial elements will improve job satisfaction and can also push your company into the modern line of business if it was previously struggling to promote brand identity and utilise a productive work environment. One of the predominant reasons the playground effect office buildings is so successful is because the design aims to highlight the positives of the company and their position and detracts from the negative connotations of the 9-5 daily grind. These designs offer a consistent reminder that its employees are able to relax and enjoy their time at work, instead of counting down the minutes till the end of the day. Although using office sports, colourful prints and giant slides may seem like a bit of childish enthusiasm, it may be a big leap forward for your professional success.

By Caroline Fergus (Ecommerce Assistant)

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