Data safety Tips for the Small Business

Data safety Tips for the Small Business

October 30, 2017
Lisa Ann

We often hear the news that a fire broke out somewhere in the small business such as shops, general stores, in an admin office of the small company and everything has converted into ash.

Even the entire data has gone due to some odd reasons. Why it happens, because the lack of data security measures taken by the business owners. Small business has own importance in developed and underdeveloped countries because it provides people’s jobs and also takes part in the economy of a country. The United States of America is one of those countries that provide 33% to the local people and on another hand; the small business significantly has their importance in the U.S. Since last three decades 49% small business firms have been working in the country.

However, these small business owners don’t bother to have data backup safety for their business. The update the inventories on their registers or using excel file of computer machine or in the modern cell phone devices. They don’t realise that if something went wrong and losing the entire data will perish the small business and they may lose their bread and butter.

As someone said that, disaster is about to happen don’t put your eggs in one basket.

Having said that don’t put your eggs in one basket, similarly, business data should not be stored in the single device or don’t put all of your data together in single folder or device.

Three Steps Backup Strategy

If you are a small business owner, then you just need to create a plan for your business to convert into two parts: first one a back system which is easy to put your hands on and the second one is to store the data offsite. Simply a business owner needs to use 3-2-1 backup plan.

First one is your local duplicate copy; a user can use it for its primary needs.

The second one is your local backup, it will provide you spontaneous and rapid access to your data and you may need it whether it is been erased or lost and updated.

The third option is to save your copy offsite. In-case something went wrong with your location where your business is located, then your data would remain safe and sound. On another hand the small business is still using tape-based backup having an offsite rotation, now the modern technology has come up with the modern data backup software.

Create data backup with TheOneSpy

These days cloud-based data security is very necessary. Therefore, a user should use such software that enables a user to preserve data of the small business to prevent any kind of danger to the business in terms of security. The user can use TheOnespy data backup software in order to have complete security of the small business. First of all business owner have to install the data backup app on the device where all the data is stored. Once the installation process got completed, you are free to create your own data backup having the online control panel. Let’s suppose your business has a disaster in the shape of fire, or someone has theft your machine or you have stored all of your data on the cell phone device. It does make the difference all the lost data can be retrievable if you already install the data backup app on the target device or devices.

How does it work?

Once you have done any activity such as you have stored the data on your device or you have updated some sort of inventories into the data sheet. All of updated and stored data will automatically start syncing with the data backup software control panel. You can login to the dashboard and retrieve all the data from the device or download it another device.

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