How a Business Can Become Environmentally Friendly and Save Money

How a Business Can Become Environmentally Friendly and Save Money

January 31, 2018

Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to live a green lifestyle at home and at the office.

Going green gives us the opportunity to do our part to keep the world in as good of condition as possible for future generations. Luckily, there are also significant financial benefits to going green, as well. Here are some easy ways to go green AND save money for your business.

Go Paperless

Everything is digital nowadays. You can save a lot of money by joining the digital age at your office, too! Think of how much money you spend on paper and printer ink. Now, think about how many trees need to be chopped down to create all of that paper. Using a Cloud-based system keeps your information digital. It will also make locating important documents easier. This can save you money in man hours. If you simply can’t go paperless, consider switching to recycled paper.
There are plenty of other ways to go paperless, too! Switch from paper towels to electric hand dryers in the bathroom. You can also encourage employees to use their own mugs instead of using paper cups.

Switch from incandescent lights to LED

LED light bulbs are the most efficient option available. They use up to 30% less energy and last 25 times longer. You will see big savings on your utility bills. Plus, you won’t have to buy new light bulbs for a long, long time.

Eco-friendly company outings

Get the company to work together to combat environmental problems by organizing a work outing for everyone to plant trees. Planting trees puts more clean oxygen into the air, and they add to the world’s beauty. You may even consider planting flowers around the office, too. This activity will show your employees that your company takes the cause seriously, and it can encourage them to get involved. You may even encourage people in your office to start doing more for the environment on their own.

Turn electronics off

Many employees in offices have a bad habit of leaving their computers on all night. while it makes getting ready in the morning a little quicker and ensures that you won’t lose any work, this can be an unnecessary waste of energy. If you have multiple computers in the office, this adds up very quickly. Encourage all employees to turn off their computers or, at the very least, put their computers into sleep or hibernate mode.

Also be sure to turn off all of the lights and other electronics when they are not in use. When no one’s in the office, you can also turn the temperature down a bit to conserve energy.


Start a carpool at your company. You can start by informing people that you are willing to pick up anyone who lives close to you. By starting the trend, more and more people might see the benefits and join in. Remember to keep communication open to inform people about any days you have off and visa versa to avoid scheduling conflicts. If carpooling isn’t a great option for whatever reason, encourage people to use public transportation- especially if you’re in a large city with plenty of transportation options.

Let people work from home

More and more companies are giving people the option to work from home. The less people in the office, the less resources you are using. Plus, in today’s technological world, people are more connected than they’ve ever been. You can still stay in communication through messaging, video messaging, e-mail, phone, and text. Some people are even more productive when they work from home. Plus, they will probably enjoy getting to work in their pyjamas.


Are there recycling bins at your work? If not, then it’s time to get some! Paper products, plastic, glass, and a variety of other materials can be recycled. Make it easy for employees to recycle by giving them recycling bins and posting flyers that explain what items should and should and should not be recycled. You can even take the initiative to separate the recyclable materials right there at the office.

Energy-efficient products

Most offices have appliances available for employee use, such as refrigerators. You can save a lot of money by using energy-efficient appliances. Look for appliances with the Energy-Star logo on them.

Also consider getting an energy-efficient HVAC system and windows to keep your offices the perfect temperature without spending too much money.

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