6 benefits to using video for learning and training

6 benefits to using video for learning and training

May 30, 2019

Education doesn’t begin and end at school. As we move into jobs and build careers, traditional classroom learning might no longer feature in our lives, but video-based learning and online courses are all the rage.

Video learning is revolutionising education, making it easier for companies to train employees and sharpen their skills in this way. Training videos can now be delivered via mobile devices, and they can be used as part of a company’s wider training programme.

1. More accessible

Online training videos can be accessed anywhere, at any time, and on any device. The benefits of this are obvious. It doesn’t matter where you are – you could be on the train, at work or at home – if the videos are accessible online you can continue your training whenever it is convenient to do so, and you can work it into your day to day schedule more easily. A long train journey or commute to work might be, for you, the perfect time to devote to video training.

2. More flexible and mobile

As we’ve just mentioned, video-based learning gives learners more control and flexibility over when they learn, where they learn, and for how long. Studies have shown that learning in shorter bursts helps us to absorb and retain information. Flexibility in when we learn might make us more productive, and more able to apply what we’ve learned to our work. A more flexible approach to learning most likely improves the quality of learning.

3. More cost-effective

For businesses who want to offer training to employees, video learning can prove far more cost-effective than a three-day off-site training course, for example. Your business will be able to save on travel (and potentially accommodation) costs. With video learning and training you should be able to access everything you need in the office or elsewhere, and you, as the business owner, can work out a schedule for completing the training or course before the employee starts.

4. Visual communication works

Many studies into the benefits of learning through video have been carried out. People tend to learn best when ideas and information is conveyed visually. Studies also show that we find it easier to comprehend more complex concepts if demonstrations and concrete examples are given, all of which can be included in a video.

Your team members, especially those who struggle with other forms of learning, may prefer online videos to more traditional forms of teaching and training. Being able to consume information visually certainly helps people who struggle with reading or writingor have limited English language skills.

5. Video technology continues to improve

Anyone who uses video for learning and training can benefit from the fact that video technology is becoming evermore advanced and sophisticated. As the technology evolves, it’s now easier than ever before to use and search video content. This is beneficial for employers who want to offer video-based training for their employees and beneficial for employees who can develop new skills to help them in their careers while being able to do so in a way that is flexible, accessible, and easy to digest.

6. Training and learning videos can be offered as a product

The tools needed to produce, record, edit, share and market training videos are more available and affordable for businesses these days. This means that if a business or organisation wants to create and share training videos and package them as a product with a price, they can do so. If these training videos offer value to people working within a specific niche, there will be a market for them.


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