Top Ten Restaurants in the Food Industry

Ten Best Jobs In Restaurant Industry

May 10, 2018

Food is a basic necessity, and we need it for our survival. No matter how much evolution has been done but it is from the start and will remain until the very end. However, now it is becoming more than a necessity, it`s more like a luxury now and people who know how important it has become to others, are earning from this.

In the recent time, the food industry has flourished more than anyone would expect. Have you ever gone out and saw dozens of cars parked in front of every restaurant passing by and still imagining how many other people are still at home making their own meal? If yes then you must have realized how much are people into food and more importantly how much do they love eating out.

The restaurant industry is booming, and the jobs in this sector are gaining popularity. Following are the ten best jobs in the restaurant industry that you must know about.


The work starts with this person, whose responsibility is to make the ambiance of the restaurant inlined with its food, its customers and everything that matters. Interior decoration is a huge industry in itself, and people from that industry earn quite well from the food industry.

An average restaurant designer gets $52,810 on average which is something of interest.

  1. CHEF

A restaurant without a chef is like a sky without the sun or moon, lame? Alright!

A chef is the essence of a restaurant, and without that person a restaurant is nothing. This is a perfect time to be a chef as this job is trending and have glamour in it. Chefs are also doing some shows on television and getting some extra bucks.

The chefs have a whole lot of people working under them, below is the hierarchy mentioned.

  • Executive chef
  • Head chef
  • Sous chef
  • Sauté cook

The average salary for a chef is $47,390 while the best that is being paid to these people is more $76,280.

  1. BAKER

Desert goes to the heart, not to the stomach, the saying is known to everyone, and the saying is true!

A meal is incomplete without ending it with a desert, and a baker is required to do the ending job. A baker in a restaurant gets an average salary of worth $27,110 and the top amount they receive is $39,050 or more. And the smell of their cooking can only be counted as a cherry on top.


While there are so many people working in a restaurant, one cannot merely foresee the restaurant`s staff who make ends meet (literally). Following are the people can be counted as staff in a restaurant.

  • Kitchen Porter
  • Dishwasher
  • Bartender
  • Beverage manager
  • Bus person
  • Counter server
  • Expediter
  • Maître d’hôtel
  • Server
  • Wine steward



Marketing is one of the leading interests of this generation because of many reasons. A restaurant publicist comes under such category too. If you are someone who loves food and bragging about it then why are you not considering to get paid for it?

In today`s world, the competition is fierce, and people need to know about a particular brand, and you could be the one breaking the news. An average salary of a restaurant publicist is$48,910 and they get $110,560 or more at max.


Nobody likes chaos, right? But not everyone has the quality of a leader and whoever excels in this domain must try to opt for this designation.

The average salary for a restaurant manager is $53,210, and the best of them get $87,120 or more.


Restaurants nowadays are a hub for different events and an event manager seems to be a necessity for a restaurant. Event managers get $45,260 per year on average.


Restaurants work on food and for food and food suppliers plays a core part in its running. If you are someone with excellent communication skills, then go for this job, and there is no limit on income in this one as you can be a supplier to multiple food chains.


This is an unusual yet growing job. People love food, but they like the presentation more due to the social media trend. This position in a restaurant is making its way, but it is new. While you can get highly paid for this one, there are also chances that you may not be recognized.


These people are everywhere, even when we do not want them around; we have to have them around. People now know their rights, and they use it too often, so restaurant lawyers are hired to handle all the legality of the matters.


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