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The Road towards Spotlessly Clean Office Floors

April 18, 2018

Nothing makes a bigger impact on the look of an office like a good choice of flooring. Commercial offices demand a certain look that is practical, professional and reflective of what is going on in the building. It contributes in a great deal to the aesthetics of the room, as well as to its comfort and functionality.

A clean and well-maintained floor is directly indicative of the business itself as it demonstrates the level of care and professionalism. If the weather circumstances are such that they cause the employees and customers to track in rain, debris and mud, the floors will show that. By following an established floor cleaning routine and maintenance plan, everyone will be able to enjoy a clean environment and be sure that their office will reflect a positive image on clients and customers.

Daily cleaning

From the moment people step into the office space, they will bring dirt with them. The accumulation of debris, dust and spills will cause floors to become slippery, sticky and unappealing. To prevent this from getting out of control, make sure your cleaning staff performs regular daily cleaning and removes spills immediately. Floor mops with an on-board chemical tank are highly recommended, as they are very effective and quick in removing accidental spills throughout the day.

Periodic deep cleaning

Even with a regular daily cleaning routine, busy office spaces will greatly benefit from an occasional deep clean. It’s necessary to use strong chemicals and high-pressure steam in order to remove the accumulation of grime, dust, allergens and dirt. Deep cleaning will also improve the static coefficient of friction and the overall looks and smell of the space. The office environment will become more comfortable and pleasant to work in, as well as much safer for all employees and customers, as it will minimize the risk of slips and injuries. The cleaning work can also be scheduled for after hours or weekends, to avoid disruption to the office.

Maintain hard surfaces

Companies searching for more decorative and durable floor finishes, so the demand for concrete floors has been on the rise. These floors offer a unique look that can be installed in variety of different colours and textures, and floor paints and coatings can give them an impression of a bespoke floor finish, in addition to making them slip-resistant. A great choice of epoxy coating can completely transform the office space and withstand high traffic and high degree impact. Such hard surfaces have excellent wear resistance and are also affordable to install and very easy to clean and maintain.

One thing that can offer great help in keeping dirt at bay is a proper entrance mat. It will capture hazards such as mud, precipitation and dirt at the door and make cleaning the rest of the space much easier. Door mats of at least six feet can eliminate the accumulation of slippery excess moisture and water and remove around 40% of soil that would otherwise be spread all around the office space.

Proper cleaning tools and chemicals

Besides dirt and moisture that is brought in from the outside, incorrect cleaning chemicals and their wrong dilution can also cause slippery and sticky floors. Make sure your cleaning staff is well trained and informed about correct product use and how to dilute them correctly. One thing that can be of great help is installing a push-button chemical dispensing system that is easy to use and optimizes cleaning by always dispensing a correct dilution.

Another important factor for successfully cleaning is the right choice of cleaning tools. Traditional mops and towels are being replaced with microfiber cleaning tools, as they offer superior performance and infection control. They can remove up to 80% more dirt and dust than traditional fabric mops, which ensures you get cleaner floors and a healthier environment.

Another traditional system that has been left behind is a one-chamber mop and bucket. What is now in use is a dual-chamber system that separates dirty water from the cleaning solution in order to prevent dirt from being mopped back onto the floors.

As first impressions count a great deal in business and your office space says a lot about you and your company, taking good care of it should be one of your priorities. You can’t afford to lose clients simply due to lack of cleanliness. With tips outlined here, you’ll be able to have a clean and healthy work environment that will make your workforce healthier, more efficient and productive, and your customers flocking in to do business with you.

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