Protecting your staff in the workplace

Protecting your staff in the workplace

July 26, 2017
Alicia Clarke

Health and Safety is often brushed under the carpet in a dismissive manner as it is seen as an unnecessary precaution that should be carried out, however this is far from the truth and it is your responsibility to ensure the health and safety of your employees complies with the laws and regulations. Regardless of your business size, health and safety applies to you and as an employer it should be your main priority to maintain the safety within your business.

Regardless of your business size, health and safety applies to you and as an employer it should be your main priority to maintain the health and safety within your business; by taking the correct precautions to eliminate hazards and keep your workplace safe for all employees. As an employer you have a duty of care to make sure your employees health and welfare is not at fault whilst at work, risk assessments should be carried out to find any potential risks that can cause hazards.

Risk assessments are vital, they can find out what could potentially bring harm to employees and therefore decide whether additional precautions should be carried out. Your employees can help to find hazards as they carry out tasks daily. Many workplaces update equipment and machinery which then leads to new procedures, this could present new hazards and therefore require frequent assessments i.e 12 month checks becoming an integral part of the business.

Health and Safety is a huge subject and many areas come under the large blanket that it is, however there are key areas that employees need to be aware of:

Slips and Trips – Whether your business is conducted in an office, warehouse, factory or retail store – hazards are still going to be present therefore slips and trips can become the easiest injury to have as obstructions on the floor are everywhere. Employees move round the workplace throughout the day carrying objects that get left lying around, spillages are often left unattended and a wet floor sign is not present. All these are simple mistakes we make however they can lead to a serious injury for one of the employees in a workplace.

Sight and Hearing – For employees who spend a significant amount of time staring at a computer screen there are many risks that become present, prolonged use can cause tired eyes and headaches therefore can lead to requiring an eye test. It is recommended that employees take regular breaks throughout the working day to give their eyes a rest from the screen. Hearing can also be damaged in a workplace where sound levels are high, permanent hearing damage is caused when the environment is very noisy and ear protection is not provided for workers. Employers should have hearing tests to assess if there hearing has been damaged and their employers should offer these.

Fire Safety – Risk assessments will help to find out what could cause a fire within the workplace, once the risks have been identified you can then put measures in place to control them, the measures should be accurate and adequate to minimise any injuries happening or even worse loss of life if a fire does occur. Precautions should be carried out to protect employees such as the use of fire doors, extinguishers, escape routes and carrying out routine fire drills to ensure that the staff are up to date on any training. This will ensure that staff are prepared if the event of a fire does happen.

Health and Safety is a huge topic, it covers many different areas for different companies – some small and some large it just depends on what area you work in. However, we do all need training and courses are available for companies to take part in to ensure that high level safety measures are always carried out. Visit to find out what courses are available and start the journey of protecting your staff today.

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