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Boost Security in Your London Home

September 11, 2017

Do you love living in the hustle and bustle of the London but have a real concern about home security? If so, fear not as you are not the only one. Information provided by the Office for National Statistics showed violent crime rose by a frightening 27% last year which is not good news at all.

So if crime is rising how would you go about reducing the chances of you or your family becoming the victim of crime?

Whilst many homes will benefit most from upgraded doors, locks and windows along with improvements to security lighting and an alarm system there are instances where homeowners may still feel vulnerable to the threat of burglary and for this reason a number of further suggestions and security solutions will help protect your home and valuables from the threat of criminals, trespassers and vandals. Here are some of the most effective options.

Security Gates – Improved Access Control

According to the key to a good gate design for any residential property in London is the ability to offer security, privacy and restricted access without compromising on aesthetic appeal. With this in mind there are lots of options to choose from when selecting an appropriate design.

Based on the level of threat you may feel applies to your property you may want to consider anything from a small garden gate through to a tall metal side gate fitted with anti climb finials. In either instance it is important that the gate has the ability to be locked otherwise it will be rendered useless if a criminal comes calling.

Regardless of your preferred design the simple fact that a gate is being installed to a once vulnerable access point will not only deter many opportunistic crimes from occurring but will give you the peace of mind that you are taken additional precautions to protect your home and family.

Garage Doors – Keeping Valuables Safe and Secure

Filled with thousands of pounds of valuable items such as bikes, tools, machinery and not to mention the car the traditional garage door is weak and prone to attack during a break in. Proving rich pickings for the common criminal more often than not all that is required to break through is a hammer and screwdriver.

For this reason many manufacturers now offer higher levels of security for their garage doors. For example the Seceuroglide Excel roller garage door meets the “Secured by Design” status meaning it has an insurance approved security rating and in turn will offer far superior levels of protection to your valuables.

Collapsible Grilles – Practical Patio Door Solutions

If your property has a vulnerable patio door or rear entrance the addition of a highly effective collapsible security grille will create an affordable and effective means of securing the entrance. Fitted within the opening the lattice style grille slides in a metal track and locks into place when closed. Benefitting from easy operation they have an unobtrusive appearance when not in use making them equally suited to residential, commercial and retail environments.

Roller Shutters – Perfect for Windows and Doors

If you live in a ground floor flat, or simply have a vulnerable window or doorway that you feel may be the weak point in your property the addition of a high security physical security solution such as a roller shutter is an excellent investment. Widely available from market leading manufacturers such as SWS roller shutters these types of products are strong, robust and are able to withstand prolonged attack making them extremely difficult for anyone without a key to get through, require very little maintenance and are easy to use which is obviously an essential requirement if daily access is required.

Fence Panels and Railings – Improvement to Perimeter Security

Installing wooden fence panels will allow you to restrict who can and cannot enter the garden which in turn will significantly improve security levels. Available in a wide range of sizes, materials and designs most fence panels and railings are readily available from DIY stores or online, take minimal time to install and are probably one of the most affordable deterrents of all the aforementioned options.

So now we have demonstrated the simple and affordable ways of protecting your home and your possessions why not take our advice and speak to You Choose Windows who specialise in steel replacement windows.

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