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Top 5 Corporate Activates and Why Corporate Fun Days are so Good for Business

September 28, 2018
Matt Morgan

Keeping staff happy during the working day is one thing, and it is a very important thing. But there is more to a productive and happy work place than day to day care. But before we look at that let’s just take a moment to consider why it is good to have happy staff. The first reason is productivity, there is no doubt hat comfortable happy people get more work done. But another key factor in staff satisfaction is retention. There is no point in having happy workers on a day to day level if they only even stay for a year. The costs associated with recruitment can be very high so overall profitability for a business can depend a great deal on staff retention. The final reason workforce happiness is important is because they can often be the cheapest form of recruitment through recommendation. It is no secret in the business world that staff bringing others in is not only cheap recruitment but can also lead to some very good new team members because anyone who values their career is only ever likely to suggest really good people.

So now we know WHY its important to keep staff happy on more than just a day to day level let’s look at how.

Corporate Activities and Team Building

Once a word that shot fear into most people’s hearts team building and corporate fun days are now so much more than a team of miserable staff standing cold and wet looking at a load of barrels and rope on a river bank. These days the idea behind them is so much more about reward and fun than productivity and forcing relationships between workers. Companies like Fizzbox have certainly cottoned on to this and offer a massive range of ideas. The type of activity managers choose should be based on what the team will enjoy not what they think will be fun.

Other Ideas?

Of course, activity days are not the only things that can make a difference to staff. The Christmas party is certainly a very important part of the working year. A few cheap sandwiches at a local pub is never going to make people shout about what a great place they work at. While the costs for larger parties can be high a good Christmas party can keep people happy for a long time. The build up is exciting and they are great places to improve friendships between staff members. The party doesn’t have to be huge, but it does have to feel special and show some thought and effort has been put in.

What Can a Corporate Activity Achieve?

The biggest answer should always be “fun”. The activity should be a release from work, be totally different from work and be about creating memories. The major by product of all this fun is that it is all done at no cost to the team and it is done with work mates. They will then always associate all the positivity from the day with work. Another great advantage is that friends will hear about it as well as a range of people in other companies that the business works with. It is common for staff to tell clients or suppliers what they have been up to and this can be a very positive thing for a company.

Below are just a few ideas for some exciting, pleasurable and rather brilliant corporate activities.

School Sports Day

This one is certainly a good choice for a active office. But be aware some people may not like sports or be physically able to join in so consider this when looking into this option. The basic premise is friendly competition and a lot of laughter. It is a day of classic sports day events like three-legged races, bean bag balancing and more. Some places even give everyone sweat bands and coloured bibs to wear.

Escape Rooms

This type of activity is becoming very popular. The idea is simple, the team get locked in a room and have to solve clues to escape. The type of room, clues and theme can vary enormously from Zombie scenarios to much less “horror” based ideas around spies and bond style villains. Escape rooms can be a great way to get teams working together but be aware when creating teams some people can end up taking over and leaving others out.

Jedi Training

Yes, this is a real thing. It is fair to say that most people of a certain age will still love star wars and with the more recent films a whole new generation are falling in love with light sabres and Jedi mind tricks. Now you can book a full training session for groups to learn how to use authentic looking light sabres. Warms ups, safety matts are all supplied and it’s good exercise too!

Spa Days

For those workplaces that are, perhaps, more female orientated then a spa day can be an amazing treat. That is not to say men don’t like a spa day and in fact this could make for a nice wind down for a male team after a stressful month. Spa days can involve simply chilling out in a lovely hotel spa or actively having treatments and getting pampered. As with most activities it is best to consider all staff and make sure they are comfortable with this kind of thing before booking and alienating people.

What ever type of activity the key is to make it a treat and one that will make staff happy and give them something to talk about too. Feeling treated is really important for workers and will bring benefits to the company.

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