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Small Business and Its Small Success Secrets

May 9, 2018
Bradley Baldwin

Many have tried to uncover secrets that separate a thriving business from an utter failure. The problem is that the million dollar question does not have a cut-and-dried answer, or does it? Well, it is clear that there is no one single determinant of success, although some are more important than the others.

At the same time, the secrets are not as complicated and profound as some would assume. They are rooted in some underlying principles that govern the success of all companies, both big and small. Understanding the rules of the game is the first step, with many more to follow. The mystery lies in translating the secretive theory into practice, not grasping the former in the first place.

Money makes the world go round

It all starts with a clear purpose and sense of mission. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs of today are those who managed to have a head start due to the clarity of vision and knowledge about the ins and outs of the industry sector. They also invested a great deal of time and effort in validating their business ideas in the formof thorough market research.

Passion and tenacity can take you far, but it takes much more to hit it big. Therefore, once they manage to get the operations off the ground, true business champions and leaders move on to maximize their resources. Not surprisingly, the king of all resources is cash, which means that cash flow management is a real game-changer for all startups.

Difficulties in this department plague organizations of all shapes and sizes. They are the main reason why the majority of all startups goes under. One of the most common problems isthelack of cash on hand to cover the business expenses. Furthermore, there is often a gap between delivery of offerings and payments for them or simply a shabby sales revenue.

Going with the flow

This is when the sound balancing of the cash flow equation comes into play to save the day.

The basic method revolves around keeping records of income and expenditures using Excel spreadsheets or a financial software platform such as a cloud-based accounting system. Just saving a pile of receipts does not cut it. That is why some startups decide to outsource accounting tasks, while others hire professionals in-house.

Either way, it is incredible how much value financial management adds to asmall business. It empowers them to build sustainable growth and achieve greater income predictability. One of the methods, for example, is capturing customers with subscription models and incentives in order to entice them to pay in advance and supply the operations with recurring payments.

Smart workplace design

Furthermore, it is high time to note that the employees make or break any business. Good office design, as well as occupational safety and health standards, hold the key to improving employee satisfaction, retention rates, and ability to attract top talent. There are still many problems like pollution, hazardous industrial processes, and environmental exposure. However, workplace conditions are improving around the globe via workplace adjustments.

For instance, air quality is an essential element that impacts workers’ well-being and productivity. It can be far worse than the pollution outdoors, but there are many steps to combat it. Namely, you can improve the ventilation, invest in a new HVAC system, introduce quality products with high air purifier ratings, comply with the strict smoking policy, etc.

Lighting plays a vital role and in its natural form, it supports good work habits the best.  Likewise, bringing the nature inside with potted plants and green walls fosters a soothing and visually-striking setting. Some other workplace improvements that boost satisfaction and motivation of workers are ergonomic furniture, inspiring office design, breakout spaces, chill-out zones, and privacy pods.

Like it or not, to harness the full potential of the workforce, we must use workplace design to preserve worker’s health, well-being, and happiness.

Beyond face value

Finally, accomplished entrepreneurs realize that customers are the lifeblood of any business.

To foster lasting loyalty and trust, one must not only offer a quality product, but also customer service and branding. Moreover, it is of the utmost importance to look beyond traditional advertising and give something valuable to the community. What sets one business apart from the rest is a strong commitment to creating meaningful relationships and showing care and concern for issues that loom over society.

Apart from social, environmental responsibility is another differentiator. It allows business owners to breathe new life into their brands and boost the appeal with customers. You cannot just focus on sales pitches and boast about the quality of the product/service. In this day and age, such an attitude is met with weariness, even dismay. So, be a problem-solver and keep your promises.

Self-fulfilling prophecy of success

The road to success is dotted with pitfalls and roadblocks. To avoid them, you must not cut corners. Set the fundamentals in place, tool up, and arm yourself with knowledge. Feel free to ask for help and network with others who share your vision but have more experience to offer.

Create something of value and become a vital contributor to the community. Be authentic, sterling, and transparent. Lay the groundwork for trust and loyalty of customers and improve their lives. Convert them into devout brand ambassadors and rally them around the banner of business excellence.

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