How to Impress Your Office Guests

How to Impress Your Office Guests

September 6, 2017

All managers and business owners are well aware of the fact that it costs five times more to get a new client than it does to keep an existing one. Both attracting new clients and keeping the existing ones comes down to the quality of customer experience you provide and whether they feel that they are getting the experience worth their money.

That’s why it’s important to make sure you do everything possible to make them feel pleasant and relaxed when they visit your offices or have a meeting in one of your rooms. Needless to say, it’s not all about the design and equipment you’ve invested in. Some good, old-fashioned manners play a huge role in improving customer experience, too. So, let’s take a look at some of the tips that might help you impress your office guests.


Even if you’re feeling down for some reason, you should always greet your clients with a smile and put their needs ahead of your personal concerns. That’s what true professionals do. Also, make sure that you also smile when answering and talking on the phone. The positive energy will definitely be picked up by the client and you yourself will be in a better mood, ready and willing to help with their inquiry. No-one likes when they are greeted by a sad face or a monotonous voice and they’ll try to end the conversation as soon as possible, without any wish to deal with you ever again.

Office appearance

It’s said that first impressions are crucial when it comes to clients forming an opinion about a company. An attractive and inviting reception area suggests that you put your clients’ comfort on the top of the list of your priorities. Also, that space needs to be clutter-free and impeccably clean, showing that you care about good and efficient organisation and respect your business operation. If you don’t respect it, how can you expect someone else to do that? Naturally, the same approach should be applied to all other offices and rooms throughout your company.

Show interest in your clients

Greeting your client or, even better, addressing them by name, goes a long way when it comes to customer experience. Even if you’re busy with another client or on the phone, you need to make eye contact and smile. Once you’ve finished with what you’re doing, smile and shake hands with the client who’s been waiting. Knowing the “little things” about your existing clients and asking about them is another thing that strengthens your relation, which will be perceived as unique and special.

Eliminate distractions

Try to get rid of any possible distractions, such as ringing phones or interruptions from other employees. If possible, move to a private area where no-one or nothing will disturb you. If you can’t afford that, at least silence the phone and let the answering machine pick up a message. That will allow you to focus completely on your client.

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Designate a room for meetings and presentations

You should definitely allocate a special place where you’ll be able to hold meetings with clients or organise presentations. It should be equipped with sleek, modern equipment and comfy furniture, which should ideally be flexible enough to provide both meetings and presentation. As for the projection equipment, a proper HDTV wall mount connected to a computer is the optimal choice, provided that wall mounting is carried out by experienced technicians, as these Sydney-based TV installation pros. This room can be used by clients and employees alike, either for business or relaxation purposes.

Maintain communication

Once you’ve opened up a communication channel, make sure you keep it by regularly communicating to your client. You can send newsletters, announcements or blog posts. Needless to say, allow them to comment on the content you’re offering, since you can only learn from their feedback. Once you notice a comment, acknowledge it and thank your client. That will show that you appreciate their effort and time invested.

What’s the magic word?

At the end of each communication or transaction, you need to thank your client and show your appreciation for their loyalty or interest. That’ll make them more likely to return or choose you over your competitors.

Basically, you should treat your clients the way you’d like to be treated. Follow your instincts, be polite and make your clients feel appreciated. That’s how you’ll manage to attract new and keep old clients.

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