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The Importance of Destroying Branded Products Like Uniforms

July 24, 2017
Emily Ford

In the past three years it’s been estimated that as many as 85 per cent of companies may have suffered from some form of corporate fraud. As the threat of corporate fraud and competition from competitors increases, it’s becoming more important than ever to protect your brand and the security of your workplace.

Destroying branded products is therefore a vital element of protecting the integrity, reputation, and the prosperity of your brand.

The following items should all be securely destroyed:

•    Uniforms
•    ID badges and passes
•    Branded clothing and merchandise
•    Business cards and company stationery
•    Product prototypes
•    Recalled products
•    Product samples
•    Damaged or out-of-date products

Failure to destroy any of these items could compromise your business in the following ways:

Workplace Security

If branded items such as uniforms, ID badges or branded clothing fall into the wrong hands, thieves or competitors could gain unauthorised access into restricted areas. This could lead to sensitive or confidential data being compromised, and valuable equipment being stolen.

Potentially, this could lead to liability claims, costly lawsuits or a reduction in market share.

Misrepresentation of a Brand or Business

If items such as product prototypes, or damaged, out-of-date, or recalled products are not securely destroyed, there is a real danger they could reappear in the marketplace. Ensuring these products are destroyed, rather than simply thrown away, will prevent this, therefore helping to protect your brand’s integrity and reputation.

Alternatively, criminals could use your items to pass themselves off as one of your employees to gain entry into a trading partner’s or customer’s business premises.

Prevent Counterfeit Goods

Many businesses produce and sell branded items. If any redundant items are not destroyed properly, there is a danger they could fall into the wrong hands and be used to produce counterfeit goods. Building up a brand takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and counterfeit goods can be damaging to your business’ integrity and to your prosperity.

Fraud Prevention

Branded items such as uniforms, company stationery, ID or business cards, and branded clothing are potentially of great value to others. Any branded items that fall into the wrong hands could be used to commit corporate fraud, such as by deliberately deceiving the public, investors or lending companies, or to achieve financial gain or some other sort of advantage.

Falsify information

Publishing false information is a type of corporate fraud, involving criminals creating, destroying, concealing, or falsifying company information to deliberately deceive people about a company’s financial position. Should branded products fall into the wrong hands, they could be used to damage your company’s reputation by inflating the share price of your company then taking advantage, or making up information that declares your company to be in financial trouble.

Make sure you protect your brand identity and the security of your business premises by ensuring that all branded items are securely destroyed and therefore unable to fall into the wrong hands. The reputation, integrity and prosperity of your business depend on it.

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