How will Leeds South Bank Bolster the Local Economy

December 11, 2018

Leeds South Bank is one of the largest and most ambitious regeneration schemes across Leeds that is determined to change the way the city works, lives, and does business. This regeneration is committed to transforming Leeds into the best city in the UK by 2030. So far, The South Bank has been one of the city’s biggest success stories in terms of boosting the city’s growth, but this is only the beginning of the momentous changes that are yet to come.

Leeds has devised determined plans which outline a vision to strengthen growth across the city as plans unveil that the city centre will continue to expand, and the regeneration of the South Bank will offer places to work, live and study. Now, the South Bank is a digital and creative hub located throughout a series of landmark developments and a strong educational district, however this is only scratching the surface for what is to come for the Leeds City Region.

South Bank Leeds offers a unique opportunity to maximise the physical and economic impact of the city centre, as well as providing the biggest change the city has seen in more than a century. Plans aim to double to size of the city centre and create an aspiring space equivalent to the size of 250 football pitches.

One of the main aims is build an environment for creativity, living and investment. Property investment firms like RW Invest have also been showing interest in the region, with Leeds’ thriving economy and growing demand for rental property providing lucrative opportunities. New commercial spaces will help progress the region alongside significant improvements to the existing public realm. The current waterfront is failing to reach its true potential, therefore through an injected level of investment, the vision for the improved South Bank aims to revive the old waterfront into a world class destination.

Leeds is brimming with history and is an epicentre for some of the most distinguished heritage sites in the UK. Home to over 30 listed buildings, the proposed redevelopment is welcoming established corporations to its area and building on its brownfield sites. Burberry fashion house has announced the move of its manufacturing facilities to the Grade I Listed Temple Works building. Undoubtedly as one of the biggest schemes, the South Bank has raised the profile of Leeds as it becomes an increasingly attractive option for developers and investors.

The introduction on HS2, one of the largest transport project in Europe, aims to build a new high-speed railway to accommodate for over 60 million passengers per year, a game changer for the city. Changes to the railway infrastructure will help to provide a significant boost to local businesses, as well as strengthening tourism and securing Leeds’ reputation as an exceptional city.

Creating 35,000 new jobs and over 8,000 new homes, Leeds South Bank will be the ideal place to socialise, unwind and do business that will be home to large corporations like Sky as well as smaller independents. Elevated job opportunities and an injection of new homes will bolster the city’s economy, and new leisure facilities and amenities will progress the city further.

South Bank Leeds has already shown huge promise, and with a multitude of advancements still waiting to be delivered, the regeneration is a true window of opportunity for the city of Leeds to become one of the most competitive locations for investment.

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