How to Improve Work Productivity

How to Improve Work Productivity

May 10, 2018
Diana Smith

The Australian economy is booming and there are a lot of new businesses created, almost on a daily basis. This is exciting and lucrative, but it also presents new business owners with a variety of problems. First and foremost, finding investors can be tricky when the market is growing so rapidly, and secondly, everyone needs to keep productivity on a very high level in order to remain competitive.

This can be done without wasting too much money on expensive managers or on complicated and unnecessary HR exercises. Mostly it’s about knowing your team and having a clear understanding of their workflow.

Recruiting is the key

Most of the time, the key to having a productive and comfortable work environment is hiring the people who can create it. This is partly about finding employees that are able to do the tasks that are required of them, but it’s more about creating an office culture that fosters productivity.

It’s difficult to know right away which employees will be able to fit in this way and that’s why it’s imperative to keep those that do by offering them something more than a paycheck. A sense of stability and appreciation are often what keeps employees loyal, more than money on its own.

Creating an office routine

A working routine makes day-to-day work easier and more manageable. There’s something about the fact that a day is planned out, that provides a sense of comfort and calm to a busy office day. A lot of Sydney companies allow their employees to work remotely from home, but this just increases the need for a routine.

A routine helps in these cases, even more than it does with a traditional office, because remote workers need to rely on their own routine in order to stay on top of their tasks, when there’s no company structure to guide them.


Retail businesses depend on having an organized warehouse. The worst thing that can happen to a retail business is for the goods to be late or get lost and that’s why a warehouse needs to step up its game. The main part of it is being able to break the new workers in and help them fit in without too wasting many manhours.

For instance, hiring commercial painters from Sydney to clearly divide the warehouse can streamline this process. That way the employees can find their way around without a long training program.

Use the technology

A lot of companies hesitate to embrace new technologies because it requires additional investing and training in some cases. However, this technology can also save a lot of money when it comes to productivity. This is most obvious when it comes to automation, but there’s more to it than that.

Time tracking and mobile technology help companies organize their workflow with almost no infrastructure, with more precision and a better managerial control. Small businesses might take time to implement new tech, but it should be a part of their plans from day one.

Having a personal space

Offices and workplaces in general are usually pretty mundane spaces and they may be boring and uninspiring. This can have an effect on productivity, especially in the long run, when the employees are working in the same space for a while. Changing it doesn’t have to be expensive for the company, but it pays off pretty fast.

It’s best done by allowing the employees to change the space based on their needs and preferences. This can go as far as you agree on, and it often includes more than just changing the decoration.


In the end, productivity is an important goal and success in it should be rewarded. There are numerous ways to do so and salaries and bonuses are the first that come to mind. However, it’s often not the best way to go. Employees tend to appreciate having a clear career path much more than a bigger salary.

Other perks, such as having longer vacations and more free time are also greatly appreciated and they help with productivity, just by making work easier and less stressful.

In order to make your business more productive, you need to think about it from the employee’s perspective. The goal is for the job not to become boring and provide new challenges as the company progresses.

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