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7 Tips to help you organize your home office

May 30, 2018

Are you trying to make your home office attractive and functional? Having a home office does not mean that it has to be disorganised with orphaned pens, bills and software boxes everywhere. Staying organised will help you increase productivity and will save you from losing things like keys, pens or other relevant documents.

While trying to balance professional life and personal life can be overwhelming, proper organisation of your workplace can be of help. Remember that even if you work from home, you need to stay productive and enjoy working in a relaxed environment.

With the following tips, be sure to enjoy a relaxed working place.


– Find the perfect place


Various places can be your home office so long as you are comfortable and have minimal distractions. It can be your living room, bedroom or a separate room. Most remote workers love setting up a room and make it an office.

Whatever place you choose, always ensure that you are comfortable and can work without being interfered. You can purchase an office desk and a comfortable sit depending on your needs. Look into what clever space saving ideas can help your particular situation. If you already have an office at the right place, that is okay. A great tip from the ASB Magazine is to consult with a professional accountant once every 6 months, so all your bills and turnover are legally compliant.  Keep reading for tips on how to organise your office space.


– Get rid of clutter


If you already have an office space, you need to keep it organized. Due to the nature of your work, you might have too much-unwanted stuff in your office. They can be papers, old pens, mugs and magazines among other things. Having clutter in your office makes it less attractive, which might lead you to migrate to another place in your house. It’s a great idea to get a pack of gloves for optimum hygiene.

Get rid of everything that you don’t need in your office. Sometimes you might be having useful things like many books and files, but you don’t use them at the moment. You might want services of storage in London from a reputable company. Ensure that you get help in storing such stuff and you can retrieve them later.

In case you have necessary documents on your office table, and you no longer use them, it will be better to buy a cardboard file box and keep them there. You can store the box in a garage or another place away from your home. This will help you to avoid filing too many papers on your cabinet.


– Organise your desk drawer


Most of the time, your drawer is the place that you will throw anything that you don’t need on top of your desk. You might dump magazines, pens, stapler, pins, and notebooks. Once your drawer becomes disorganised, it will be hard to access some things.

You can organise it by putting your office equipment in a separate drawer and papers at a different place. You might want to get a plastic organiser and put different stuff in different sections.


– Label your file cabinet


Would you like to keep everything in its place and retrieve them without disorganizing other staff? Labeling everything can work. You might need a label printer so that you can mark the contents of your filing cabinet.


– Store books on shelves


Does your work involve reading a lot of hard copy books? If yes, install shelves in your office. Put each category of books together so that you can access them quickly when needed.

Don’t pile them up on your desk as they will consume most of your office space. Clean the shelves regularly to avoid dust on your books.


Use wireless gadgets


If you use headphones, mouse, keyboards or other devices, you will realize that you have a lot of cord clutter. Too many wires in your office trap a lot of dust and snuggle your feet.

Currently, there are many Bluetooth gadgets, e.g., headphones, printer, keyboard and even mouse. Going wireless saves space and helps you to work comfortably.


– Ensure there is enough lighting


A well-designed office means that you will have enough light in your office helps you to work correctly throughout. Ensure that your windows allow enough light in your office during the day. You can also install a daylight bulb if your office is far away from windows.

An attractive and spacious office helps you to enjoy working in a calm environment. You must sort through papers and everything that you don’t need in your office. Keep your office clean and spacious to enjoy your working space.

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