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Hassle-Free Office Move: The Essentials

April 9, 2018

A lot of people who find themselves moving their business don’t know where to start. Moving an office is a large undertaking that often asks for extra pairs of hands or even hiring professional movers. After a few office moves, it’s easy to say that the key to completing the work successfully is finding ways to motivate the rest of the team.

Initial planning

Start by creating a timeline that will encompass all vital stages of your move. Discuss the timetable with the rest of your staff, managers or supervisors to make sure it’s realistic. You’ll need at least three months to prepare a small office, while for the whole office floor, you’ll need at least six to eight months of planning. The earlier you start, the better.

Get to know the new place

Gather as much information as you can about the new location. Try to get your hands on the blueprints or floor plans so you could identify essential components like electrical outlets, storage space, lavatories, etc. Once you determine the office layout, you’ll be able to compare the old and the new one and see what upgrades and modifications you can make. This would be a good opportunity to set up a budget – before you make any remodels or ask for the movers’ quote.

Prepare for modifications

A list of potential problems with the new space will give you more ideas on upgrades to be made early on. You may need to hire carpenters or painters if you need a new wall constructed or painted. These remodels might have been done already when the space was acquired, but make sure no structural or cosmetic changes need to be made once the move gets underway.

Pick your team

If you are moving a medium or large office, consider appointing someone, preferably a volunteer from each department or division to coordinate their office area. The department supervisors or managers need to make sure that every employee packs their desk, files and personal items. Professional movers can be of great help at this stage. For instance, these removalists servicing Northern Beaches can even supply boxes and bubble wrap, to speed up the packing process.

Call regular meetings

Find room in your schedule for regular meetings and make sure the employees are notified of meeting details and decisions. This will ensure that everyone knows what they need to do to pack their office or workstation on time. Making everyone informed will also lift any worries, concerns, and doubts. Moving is always stressful, especially when the decisions aren’t being communicated downstream.

Assign tasks and roles

Let your team help you with a list of tasks that need to be completed and attach each one to the timeline or schedule. Ask each department supervisor or manager what they need, but also make sure common areas such as the lobby, reception and storage areas are covered, as well. Before you open your new offices, you might need specialty service providers, such as computer network specialists or telephone line installers.

Choose a moving company

There are removal companies that specialize in office moves, so before you hire, do research and make sure you’ve chosen the right one. As with the household moves, you need movers who are reliable and responsible. Assign a few people to call specific companies and compare their notes. This way, you’ll get the best price possible.

Notify your partners, suppliers and clients

Finally, you’ll need to let everyone you work with, including suppliers, business partners and clients, know that you’re moving. This task is best assigned to one person, as it’s essential the people you’re doing business with receive the correct information in regard to where you’ll be moving and how you will operate during the move. Communication is important if you want to keep your customers from ‘moving’ their interest elsewhere.

Just as with a household move, you need a timeline and excellent organization to make as little disruption as possible. However, unlike with domestic moves, in moving office, you have a resource of colleagues and department supervisors, who can help you break the process into several easy-to-manage steps.

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