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Creating the Perfect MAC Setup for Game Development

June 16, 2017

In the world of game development, your creations are only limited by the tools you use to create them. MAC is an ideal system to use for development of all kinds because it can be fine-tuned to fit your needs, depending on your use. If you want to create the perfect environment to maximize your ability to produce top-quality games, consider including these elements in your setup.


There are many reasons why a desktop MAC outpaces any of the MacBooks for game developers, but the most important is the screen size. Because coding is so complex, it often requires coders to use several programs at once. Toggling through window after window is less than efficient and will probably drive you mad, so the only alternative to be a productive game developer is to have a large screen on your MAC, or to attach a larger second screen. This is much more efficient with a desktop MAC.


Knowing that a MacBook is out of the question, you still must consider exactly how much screen you need. If you choose a Mac mini, you have the option of getting the power you need for your coding while also allowing you to attach multiple displays. As an apple authorized service provider, we see plenty of game developers who choose the Mac mini and put two 24-inch AOC displays side by side to create a giant workspace with room to stretch your proverbial legs. Alternatively, if you really want the power of a iMac, which is significant, you can always opt for the giant 27-inch display.

No matter what your end goals are for your development career, you can find what you need at MelroseINC. It is truly the best place to buy a MAC and practically everything you could need to begin your next project. Shop our selection of MAC products today to get started building your perfect MAC setup.

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