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The Advantages of Installing Double Glazed Windows in Your Office

February 8, 2018

It’s quite impressive what an extra layer of glass can do for you and your office space. Sadly, many business owners are not aware that conventional, single glazed windows are a subpar solution, which underperforms in a variety of areas, from noise pollution to energy efficiency.

On the other hand, double glazed windows enhance the building envelope and improve, among other things, the energy-efficiency, sound insulation, and value of a commercial property. At the same time, they reduce the amount of CO2 emissions and mitigate the environmental footprint of your business.

An impregnable stronghold

Doors and windows are usually the weakest links in an office’s insulation. Believe it or not, single glazed windows tend to release 50-70% of the heat generated inside. During the cold winter season, this leads to huge utility bills and severe energy inefficiency. But, it doesn’t have to be this way: double glazed windows prevent the heat from escaping your living environment by trapping air between two panels of glass.

As a result, the demand on the heating system is reduced, which saves up to 12% in bills. In a nutshell, nothing can come in and nothing is allowed to go out: once sealed, the unit becomes airtight. The concept is as simple as ABC, yet is highly effective and pays dividends in the long run.

And since double glazed windows have a zero tolerance policy for everything that wants to leak through, carbon emissions are also prevented from leaving your office. This means you can give your contribution to environmental causes and spread awareness about the problems that loom over our society and natural habitat.

More than double duty

Furthermore, the days when moisture would form and freeze around your windows in winter are gone. Double glazed solutions inhibit the accumulation of moisture as well as air condensation, keeping all the heat that you need inside.  What is more, reduced moisture leads to the slower build-up of mould and mildew and prevents your windows from being affected by timber rot.

As an added benefit, a double glazed window, or to be more precise, the barrier between two panels, reduces the amount of noise pollution, both coming in and out of the office. This allows you to have a quieter and calmer working environment, even when living by a busy road. Namely, it’s estimated that retrofit double glazing reduces outside noise pollution by up to 60%.

Finally, the panels take the edge off the sun rays and prevent UV lights from going in with full force. This decreases the heat which burns through your windows and impacts your furniture and carpet, making them last longer. On the other hand, double glazed solutions capture a higher percentage of natural heat from the winter sun and help business owners utilize it inside their properties.

Of course, not all double glazed windows are created equal. So, do your homework and find trusted professionals, as these Melbourne-based specialists for double glazed windows, who offer a comprehensive range of services that includes the supply and installation of high quality, innovative products, as well as any potential repairs.

The list goes on

If you are still not convinced, let’s just say that these sturdy windows don’t just provide benefits in winter, but all-year round. They insulate your business property better against all extreme temperatures: double glazing minimizes the heat that burns through windows, which is to say your office stays cooler in summer.

It should also be noted that upgrading windows boosts the resale value of your commercial property, as well as its appeal to buyers and renters. This can work miracles for business owners looking to rent or sell their property quickly. After all, you can attract those who seek higher energy efficiency and lead an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Finally, bear in mind that double glazing makes it harder for intruders to break into your home using the preferred entry point, the window. Laminated and toughened windows are even more difficult to break, which dissuades even seasoned burglars.

Window of many opportunities

Double glazed windows are superior in almost every way when compared to their single glazed counterparts. You have the opportunity to shrink your companies utility bills and take energy efficiency to the next level.

Double glazing helps the community and environment by cutting down energy waste. It also decreases noise pollution, reduces condensation, improves your security, and softens the impact of interior fading. Considering all these benefits, installing double glazed windows is one of the must-consider office improvement projects in 2018.

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