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A List of 15 Beautiful Quartz Kitchen Countertops

October 10, 2019

Check out all you need to know about quartz kitchen worktop including the various different types of worktops

You are bound to get confused when you are looking for the available options of worktops whenever you check out a seller. This confusion happens because you will feel that every design is beautiful but you are unable to decide which one will look good in your kitchen. Here is a list of the best designs that you need to check out for your new quartz kitchen worktop:


1. Cambria Nevern

This design has been given the look of natural materials because of its texture and asymmetric pattern. It will match well in your kitchen if your shelves and cupboards are in shades of brown or white or both.


2. Caesarstone 4141 Misty Carrera

This worktop will be ideal for those who love the shades of blue and want to go for a simple design in a light colour for their kitchen. It will look good if your kitchen has a black or blue theme.


3. Silestone Verde Fun

This is another good choice that can be picked up by those who want to keep the worktop of a dark shade and have other parts of the kitchen in the light shades of green or whites.


4. Compac Portoro

If you love black but do not want to go for plain worktops because they do not hide the dirt so well, you can go for this textured black quartz worktop. It has a symmetrical design and a light pattern so that it does not look too bright in your kitchen and mixes well with almost all themes.


5. Caesarstone Clamshell

If your new kitchen look will be in shades of pink or purple, this worktop will be the perfect one to add to your kitchen. Since it is light in colour, it will blend well even with all the dark shades and will ensure that your kitchen does not look too small with dark colour all around.


6. Caesarstone Snow Quartz

If you are a fan of white colour in your kitchen but you are bored of it, you can go for this beautiful light shade stone. As the name suggests, it is a mixture of snow colour with quartz and will give your kitchen a classy look in no time.


7. Classic Quartz Milano

This worktop is perfect for those who like to keep things simple and do not like to experiment much with themes colours and styles. Its grey colour will blend well with black, white and grey colour themes of kitchens.


8. Silestone Miami White 17

If you are a beach person and want your kitchen to give you the positive beach-vibes at all times, go for this worktop without thinking much. Its soothing white and blue combination will make you feel peaceful while you are working in your kitchen and will go well with shades of white and aqua.


9. Compac White Am

If you want to go for some unusual look on your worktop, you can go for this one. While some people can find it weird, it will look beautiful in your kitchen if you blend it well with shades of white and light brown and will give your kitchen a contemporary look.


10. Cambria Summer Hill

If you have not yet decided the actual theme of your kitchen but are sure that you will keep it in black or white, go for this worktop as it will blend well with both these colours. Its texture gives it a natural look which adds on to its beauty.


11. Silestone White Platinum Quartz

This worktop is ideal for those who have kept their kitchen look in geometrical theme. The worktop comprises of textured squares that will blend well with black, white and grey colour.


12. Silestone Zirconium Quartz

If you liked the above design but you want to keep your kitchen in white and worktop in black, you can go for this one because of its beautiful geometrical finishing in black.


13. Cambria Hollinsbrook

This is ideal for kitchens where you have kept the basic theme in off white and want to add a mountain look with the help of worktops.


14. Cambria Roxwell (Luxury Range)

It is perfect for those who have a nature-themed kitchen design as it will perfectly blend with the natural look because of its granite-like design.


15. Silestone Clay

If you are giving your kitchen a white theme and want to add texture or shade of red and brown, you can easily go for this beautiful quartz kitchen countertops.


Image by Ryan Doka from Pixabay

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