5 most popular Unistone Worktops in London and the South of England

May 16, 2019

What Is Unistone?

Unistone is an extremely hard and durable compound composed of 90 percent natural quartz. It comes in a great variety of colours. And its naturally hard surface gives users a huge number of decorative choices as well. It is ideal to be used as a kitchen worktop. Unistone quartz isn’t used exclusively for kitchens. It is also regularly used in bathrooms, walls and floors.


Unistone Quartz Worktops for Your Kitchen

Unistone quartz is one of the most widely used materials for kitchen countertops due to many reasons.

unistone avalanche kitchen worktops


Unistone worktops are antibacterial in nature and do not support bacterial growth of any kind. Due to this, commercial kitchens are increasingly adopting this for kitchen use. Since the material is non-porous, it doesn’t absorb liquids which is perfect in for any areas in contact with water.



With Unistone, you get a worktop that is trendy, durable, and sturdy. It is also known for its resistant properties that make it insusceptible to stains and scratches. They are also invulnerable to heat and cold as well and don’t need sealing, treating, or polishing. A simple wipe with a regular detergent is enough.


Stylish Surface

Whether you choose a matte or a polished finish, your Unistone worktop looks stunning in any setting. These come in a variety of different colours and textures to suit all your needs.


Commercial and Domestic Uses

Unistone worktops can be customised and cut for both domestic and commercial applications. Unistone countertops and worktops are ideal for both modern and contemporary kitchens. In this article, we will tell you about the one of the most-favoured quartz worktops in England. Some of the most popular Unistone worktops in London and the southern part of England are:


Unistone Carrara

This range of quartz comes in several designs, with either a polished or Velluto finish. It is available in different thicknesses including 20mm and 30mm.

nistone Carrara

Unistone Bianco

Unistone Bianco worktops are ideally suited for households who make extensive use of worktops. Unistone Bianco quartz worktops offer the timeless and neutral appeal of the divine colour in the spectrum. Similarly, the pure white quartz stone will bring light into dark rooms, making them appear bigger.

These slabs are available in various dimensions and come in either a polished or Velluto finish. It is also available in different thicknesses ranging from 12mm up to 50mm.

unistone bianco kitchen worktops - 5 most popular Unistone Worktops in London and the South of England

Unistone Carrara Misterio

Unistone Carrara Misterio recreates the stunning looks of natural Carrara marble. With its thick and refined veins crossing a pure white background, Carrara Misterio conveys elegance and style. The Carrara Misterio design is available in standard and Jumbo slabs, and in either a polished or Velluto finish. It is also available in thicknesses of both 20mm and 30mm to cater to different requirements.

Unistone Carrara Misterio


Unistone Bianco Assoluto

Unistone Bianco Assoluto is an ideal surface for kitchens, bathrooms, floors, and walls. It is available in several finish combinations that present a lot of decorative possibilities for kitchen tops to designs for furniture. The range is available in various colours and in either a polished or leather finish. It is also available in different thicknesses of 12mm, 20mm, 30mm, and 50mm.

Unistone Bianco Assoluto


Unistone Statuario

Unistone Statuario is available in standard slabs with dimensions 3000x1400mm and a Jumbo slab with dimensions 3300x1650mm which is currently the largest format across the industry. Not only that it looks luxurious and minimalistic but it also avoids the needs of joints on almost all occasions.

Unistone Statuario


Statuario by Unistone is available in either a polished or Letano finish

It is also available in different thicknesses from 20mm to 30mm to cater to all needs: from a modern twist to a chunky look.

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