Light exposure

Top tips to maximise light in the workplace and why it’s important to do so

November 8, 2018

A large percentage of the business world work indoors at office locations, and depending on design and size, the amount of natural light that projects into office buildings can vary.

Harvard Business review published an article referencing a survey of over 1,600 employees who ranked natural daylight and outdoor views as the most important aspects of office space. This finding is perhaps surprising, considering these everyday expectations were up against onsite gyms, child-care facilities and more luxurious options.

What’s more, in addition to the workforce ranking day light and views as important factors in an office space, daylight exposure has also been linked to an increase in overall productivity. Additionally, health benefits have been reported; Psychology Today references a study that has shown employees exposed to more daylight report better quality sleep, less daytime dysfunction and a better quality of life.

The benefits of daylight are widely accepted, and of course it makes sense that happy, healthy employees generally work harder and are more productive. So, with that in mind, how do you give the people what they want and increase the amount of daylight in your office?

Consider changing the windows and doors

If you have the power to consider new, big windows, and lots of them, we’d advise you to do so. If you’re based in a smaller office and own the building, you might even want to consider aluminium bi-folding doors from Quickslide, these are not only stylish but are a great way to increase the amount of light coming into smaller offices and even better come summertime!

Office re-organisation

How effectively are you using the space in your office? Consider re-organising the desk layout to ensure maximum light is felt across all desks, instead of for just a couple of lucky employees.

Breakout zones

It may be that you not have the authority to change the windows and your desk re-organisation may not have had the desired outcome. Consider creating a break-out zone in a light-rich, airy location. This will be a space that employees can use to work collaboratively and to take a break away from sitting at a desk all day.

Add mirrors

Mirrors are great for brightening up any room or office by reflecting light from outside. Consider installing large mirrors opposite windows or in dark corners to brighten up the area.


Whilst fluorescent overhead lights are very common in office environments, they can actually have the opposite effects as natural daylight, and lead to a decrease in productivity. To combat this, you can boost brightness with soft and subtle lighting that can be adjusted to complement existing natural light from windows.

Ensuring your staff have maximum access to natural light, and outdoor views where possible, can have a hugely beneficial effect on your work force, from increasing productivity, to increasing overall work-health, and is well worth investing in.


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