Webdesign - The Importance of Good Web Design for Your Company

The Importance of Good Web Design for Your Company

December 11, 2018

It is no surprise to see how much importance is now placed on good website design. A survey from Netcraft at the start of 2018 points out that there are close to two billion sites on the internet now. Standing out from the crowd is more crucial than ever before.

Good website design is one of the key factors in this respect. A business that has an attractive, welcoming site is far more likely to succeed. What are the important factors that need to be taken into account to produce a site that it is a pleasure to use?

good web design - The Importance of Good Web Design for Your Company

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Easy, Intuitive Navigation

Easy, intuitive navigation is essential to a pleasant online experience. Good design, in this case, includes clearly marked internal links, descriptive page headings, and few interruptions. A design like this can also help the site to rank better on search engines.

Many people are annoyed by issues such as numerous pop-up windows and drop-down menus. It can also be confusing to see numerous options to choose from or broken links. Basically, poor navigation can cause visitors to leave the site very quickly.

Examples of sites that are easy to navigate include car manufacturers Lexus and Ford. Both of these sites cover a huge amount of information yet are very simply, neatly laid out and to get around. Don’t forget that 75% of users judge a company’s credibility based on their site.

The Right Typeface

The typeface that you choose will have a huge bearing on what visitors think of your site. Is it easy to read? Does it portray your corporate image effectively? Is it the right size to fit on the screen easily?

There are many different fonts to choose from. These run from functional, professional typefaces to warm, friendly fonts that encourage visitors to feel at home. There are also fun, quirky options that give the idea of a light-hearted company. Google Fonts is one of the most popular places to find new typefaces.

Look at three major electronics firms in Samsung, Sony, and Apple. Each has a different typeface that immediately gives visitors a feel for the brand. Buzz Bingo is another site where the use of a bold, welcoming font makes visitors understand the company ethos.

Letters for webdesign - The Importance of Good Web Design for Your Company

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A High Level of Readability

Some websites have a huge amount of text on them, while others are more sparsely written. In either case, it is vital that it is easy to read. People tend not to spend much time reading the text that they see on the screen.

A survey by the Nielsen Norman Group revealed that 79% of users scan websites upon opening them. Just 16% of those questioned said that they take the time needed to read the page one word at a time.

The HuffPost site takes the approach of big sub-headings and lots of images, increasing the chance that something catches the reader’s eye. On the other hand, the New York Times homepage has a distinctive font and lots of text. Both sites offer news stories but are aimed at different types of reader.

Finding the right approach for your business and your customers is the key to a great website design. If it is easy to read and navigate then visitors will probably stick around for longer.

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