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How to Have a Happy Marriage While Running a Business Together

December 11, 2018

Throughout years of marriage, looking for guides and tips for keeping a marriage happy and healthy is the norm. However, adding the pressures and responsibilities of running a business together throws a lot more burden into the mix. While people may treat their place of work as a time out zone for relationships struggles, then returning to their loving partner thinking “What were we even arguing about?”, co-entrepreneurs in relationships don’t usually have this luxury, as they either share work locations or at least share areas of responsibility. Both relationships and work affects happiness, especially when they merge into one.

Focus on recognition, not reproval

One of the many benefits of marriage is becoming more comfortable with one another and the consciousness of feeling judged melts away. The flip side of this comfortableness is the lack of barriers when it comes to criticism. With the increase of financial burden, long hours and other pressures of being an entrepreneur it is very easy to take it all out on your partner. Any mistakes made give reasonable basis for constructive feedback, but the extent to its delivery is usually furthered by the lack of filters that come with marriage.

According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, a study highlighted that people in relationships were more satisfied when they celebrated their partners accomplishments as if they were their own. So, try restraining the reproval by consciously making the effort to recognise your loved one, whether this be around positive things they have done in the relationship or work. It will not only balance out any criticism, but create a better environment for running the business together.

Create individual remits and stick to them

Overlapping in almost every aspect of your partners life can be overwhelming at the best of times, no matter how much you adore them. Creating boundaries in work, such as different areas of responsibility means if any issues arise, it is down to that person to resolve them and not blame anyone else. Having your personal projects means you can be more invested and be proud that what you achieve is solely down to your efforts.

Delegating responsibility can work great both internally and externally, outsourcing means more time spent romantically rather than professionally. It may be beneficial to invest in external support from companies which handle areas such as logistics, human resources and finance, such as accountants Alexander & Co, which can handle all of your accounting, tax and bookkeeping needs.

Segregating business pressures means that you multitask less, and have less areas which require attention. Being present in the moment is great for you, your business and your marriage!

Time for each other should be just that

Entrepreneurs can find it difficult to switch off when finishing their working day, especially because they can be so invested in their business. Using up their supposed free time on emails and catching up can be a poisonous habit for a relationship. Typically these habits are kept in check by nagging partners, however, with your husband or wife most likely living and breathing for your business also, it can be difficult to implement self constraint.

There are a variety of ways to create uninterrupted time without it feeling manufactured and unauthentic. Use features on your tech devices like Do Not Disturb to shut out the business stresses, or quite simply turn them off for the evening. Book in some experiences, whether that be trampolining, clay pigeon shooting or a standard meal out to the restaurant you both always wanted to go to.

Escaping the business environment will prioritise your romantic relationship as it demotes all priorities to just making sure you get to the booking on time.

So can you balance work and romance?

Quite simply yes, the ingredient required is effort. It is very easy to get caught up in the madness of running the business, and the only way to prevent isolating your marriage is creating structure to the divide you bring between the two relationships you have of work and personal. Effort should be equal, but difficulty should be minimal considering strategising should come naturally.

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